Lower North Shore Health Fund

The Coasters Association established the Lower North Shore Cancer Fund (LNSCF) in 2010 as a measure to support cancer patients on the Lower North Shore. The Lower North Shore Cancer Fund was a regional fund managed by the Coasters Association through the volunteer Cancer Fund Administrative Committee; whose mission was to support patients financially burdened by cancer and to enhance their quality of life. The mission was achieved by supporting people living with cancer and advocating for public health policy.


In 2012 the Coasters Association met with the Uni-Aide Foundation to discuss how the Cancer Fund & the Uni-Aide Foundation could work together and better serve the population of the Lower North Shore. Thus the Lower North Shore Health Fund (LNSHF) was born; to support the population of the Lower North Shore financially burdened by illness and to enhance the quality of life for those living with health issues.


The Lower North Shore Health Fund is one of the support services offered by the Coasters Association and the Uni-Aide Foundation. The program gives support to people in financial need for transportation, medication and living allowances when traveling to and from treatment facilities. Some financial assistance is also available for caregivers. The Lower North Shore Health Fund is managed by a volunteer administrative committee, consisting of concerned and compassionate individuals who responsibly administer financial aid to persons dealing with health issues.


Support includes:


1. Medication

  • Prescribed by a Doctor but not covered under Medicare or by insurance (experimental treatment will require detailed analysis)
  • Receipts must be provided
  • Determined on a case by case basis


2. Travel

  • Escort to accompany patient (maximum of $750.00)
  • Lower North Shore residents temporarily off the coast due to work or travel, contribution to aid in return to Quebec (maximum of $1,800.00)


3. Living allowance

  • Available to patient and escort; a maximum total of $250.00 per week (amount allocated depends on subsidies already being received from other sources)


If you or someone you know, would like to apply for help from the Lower North Shore Health Fund, please download and complete the Lower North Shore Health Fund Applcation Form, or contact our office for assistance. 

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