Lower North Shore Social Program Fund

The same geographical isolation that impacts the health of citizens of the Lower North Shore is equally significant in determining the social health and wellbeing of the communities in which they live. The Lower North Shore Social Program Fund aims to address these needs by creating support programs for children and youth, their families and seniors; creating opportunities for them to participate in social activities which encourage expression, learning, sharing, support and inclusion that would not otherwise be readily available in their community. Recognizing the importance that socialization is in determining a healthy lifestyle, the Lower North Shore Social Program Fund may provide communities with a source of sustainable funding in order to assist them in implementing and managing local social programs. As a result of providing support for programming aimed at addressing the social needs of the community, the Lower North Shore Social Program Fund also creates employment opportuniities for youth, young adults and professionals through the implementation of these programs, thus having a positive economic impact for the entire region.


KIDS Summer Camps

  • KIDS Summer Camps provide a safe environment where youth can explore healthy lifestyles, and obtain the skills that establish positive behaviors during their formative years, which in turn create a solid foundation upon which they build their futures. Summer camps on the Lower North Shore are also essential to continue supporting a child’s development while out of school, and to strengthen sense of pride, belonging and identity within their community.
  • Due to the geographic dispersion of the communities along the Lower North Shore, and the reality that many parents have no other choice other than to leave the coast to seek employment, youth often times lack much-needed guidance and support for their ongoing development. This is why both developmental and recreational activities (such as summer camps) are crucial across the territory.

  • KIDS Summer Camps create employment opportunitites for youth and young adults.

Day Centers

  • Day Centers for seniors and those with a loss of autonomy provide improved access to health promotion and disease prevention programs, in order to help participants maintain their independence and quality of life, while benefitting from both therapeutic and fun activities designed just for them.

  • The Foundation recognizes the need to build capacity in the Day Centers to ensure that the development and implementation of programming is consistent and current, and contributes to the centers’ sustainability and quality of service.

  • Day Centers provide employment opportunities for professionals.

Youth Centers      

  • Youth Centers provide our young people with a safe and fun place where they can be themselves, free of discrimination and have the necessary resources to meet their needs. It is very important to encourage and nurture both the social and individual growth in our youth, for they are the decision- and policy- makers of tomorrow.

  • The Foundation believes that by investing in our youth today we all build a better tomorrow.

  • Our younger generations directly impact the growth and sustainability of our communities along the Lower North Shore; many of which are geographically isolated.  Throughout the region Youth Centers have been established to support families to raise young people to grow into healthy, productive and responsible community members.

  • Youth Centers create employment opportunities for youth and young adults.

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