Multifunctional Centre

The Uni-Aide Foundation is looking to the future to invest in community infrastructure through the creation of a Multifunctional Centre. The Multifunctional Centre, will be located in Blanc Sablon, Quebec, to service the needs of individuals and groups in communities of the Lower North Shore.


The Multifunctional Centre will be a Short-Term Residency Facility for individuals or their caregivers, who are travelling for medical purposes or who are in situations of social distress and need temporary lodging in a safe and secure environment. As a “home away from home”, the Multifunctional Centre will have 20 bedrooms, which will be available for rent at a nominal rate in order to recoup operating costs. The facility will also have shared bathrooms, a common kitchen, living room and free laundry facilities for use by all residents during their stay. The Centre will also provide free telephone and Internet services so that residents can stay connected to their families as well as their medical and social service providers.


The Multifunctional Centre will also be host to a Social Centre that will be available for rent to community groups and individuals to facilitate the delivery of services and activities aimed at social inclusion and integration of vulnerable members of society. Specifically, Avenir D’enfants and the Day Centre for seniors and those with a loss of autonym will now have a permanent place in which to operate from, for the benefit of the individual and their community.


The Multifunctional Centre will employ one full time live in attendant to manage daily operations and ensure the security of the facility and it’s occupants. The combining of the Short-Term Residency Facility with the Social Centre will make the Multifunctional Centre an important community infrastructure, that will be self sustaining and instrumental in aiding vulnerable individuals and families access to affordable lodging when travelling for medical services and provide housing to those in crisis.


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